Barry McDonnell

Barry McDonnell


Essential Information

Vital Statistics
Position: Midfield
Length of time in Cardiff & reason: Here since 1997 and got institutionalised. Afraid to leave the place now!!
Played for St.Colmcilles since: 1998
Home Club: Castlebar Mitchells
Honours: Not enough room on this page!!

Vital Statistics

Age: 28
Height: 183cm
Weight: 85kg
Occupation: Exercise Physiologist
From: Castlebar, Co. Mayo
WAG: Emma Martin

Comments: Great bunch of lads in the club. The different counties represented throughout the squad makes for some savage banter and craic both at training and in various watering holes we sometimes fall into around Cardiff! Either way, the friendly characters in the club make life very easy here in Cardiff. A good mix of football and craic within the club. Would have gone home long ago if it hadn’t been for the Club.

“It’s like a dream come truuuue!!”. One of many. Just listen to Crosbie trying to chat up yet another women on a night out. Comical!