Martin Dolan

Martin Dolan


Essential Information

Vital Statistics
Position: Left Half Back – Club PRO
Length of time in Cardiff & reason: 6/7 years
Played for St.Colmcilles since: So long ago I cant remember when I first pulled on
Home Club: St. Molaise, Irvinestown, Co. Fermanagh
Honours: 5 County Championship medals and a few league title medals

Vital Statistics

Height: 5.10 – ish
Weight: 11 stone
Occupation: Transport Planner
From: Lisnarick, County Fermanagh
WAG: The lovely Sharon.

Comments: I’ll say no more than this ……. All we want this year is the 5 in a row….. it’s a pleasure to be involved with such a great club and a great bunch of players, committee and friends ….. No surrender..!