A Party with Princess Leia

Updated: January 30, 2014

For too long we have sought comfort in the familiar. Content to be the big fish in a small yet competitive pond. On match days against our neighbours, football is often regulated to second or third place. Personal rivalries, the need to bicker over every line ball and the constant verbal warfare tend to dominate games.

On occasions when the handbags are put down and football is allowed to flourish we do well. Especially in the big games. The size of our squad, our fitness and experience are three crucial factors. We take pride in the fact that we are not the best team, but that we are the best club in the county.

However, what would happen when we crossed the County line?

Glen Rovers gave us a taste of how football is played outside our County. And the key word in that sentence is football. No bickering over ever single decision, no need to win every single battle, merely play hard fast direct attacking football and win the war.

We might be the big fish in our County pond but against Glen Rovers we almost drown. They threw everything at us. They let the ball do the talking. For the first 20 minutes we were spectators. We had only seen football like this on the telly. Like star struck debutants we stood back and admired.

But slowly, play by play and player by player we saw that despite all their flashness, despite all their off the ball movement and despite the fact they were thrashing us on the football field, on the scoreboard, where it really mattered, we were still very much in contention.

Our fitness kicked in. We missed lots of easy chances. But we kept creating. We gave them a few handy scores. But we snuffed out most of their attacks. They won the statistical battle. In terms of procession, attacks, shots on goal, time in the oppositions half, Glen Rovers came out on top.

But Battleground Scoreboard would decide the victor. And in this arena Colmcilles held the advantage.

Character, determination and pure fear, the fear of getting another pounding from one of the big teams drove us on. This was not football in the comfort zone, this was football on the edge.

Bravely and stubbornly we clung on. Like Rocky again Apollo. Like the Little Pigs against the Big Bad Wolf. Like Paul Kimmage against Lance Armstrong. We held on, fought hard and took the prize.

For our next outing, we leave our County puddle and travel to Manchester to take on the Champions of Scotland. This is the biggest game in the history of our club. We are going to have to play the best football of our lives’ just to compete.

Most commentators reckon we are merely bait on a hook. The papers claim we are the easy side of the draw. Braveheart versus the Ewoks.

That suits us fine. Because we know Braveheart did not win an All British Club semi final, no, he ended his days with his head on a pitchfork and the Ewoks went to a party with Princess Leia.

Date Added: 31st October 2012

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